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Our website wants a catalog of Japanese blogs, Japanese online stores, Japanese applications and other offline Japanese companies that help customers. All of us buy things, either online or in person. Yes, it’s becoming harder to attend to shopping stores in person. That’s where the shopping delivery services come in play. We also order food online, we have food delivered at home and we buy most things on the internet.

Are you looking to add your blog to our list? We will happily do it. Just send us the details, your offers, and whichever information you may want to share. Just make sure it is an original text. We will then immediately add an article with your name. This, in time will help you get more customers. How? By gaining trust from readers and from your blog/website gaining authority.

I have a restaurant or a home delivery business. Can I advertise my services here?

Yes of course. In fact, we encourage you to send as much information as possible. Tell us how you can help people and what services you offer. Make sure your original words are used. You can also send some photo images to add to our image gallery. We’ll list your items here, and your company will receive more orders. Therefore, happier customers. When customers are happy, business owners are happy.

How to add your blog here

Just visit the ADD BLOG page and send your details there. Or just send us an email to and we will get back to you very soon.

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