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About Japanese cosmetics

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Surely by now you have heard of the famous Korean cosmetics. This is probably due to the renowned K-Pop singers and the K-Drama fever present anywhere in the world. Even far countries such as Brazil have a large K-Pop fan base. However, advertising does not necessarily mean high quality. Wait, we are not saying that the Korean cosmetics are not great. We are saying that the Japanese cosmetic products are of better quality. And this is not done arbitrarily. The Japanese face creams, eye creams, powders, sun blocking creams, and a range of other cosmetic products are receiving awards. And they are usually preferred by the professionals. That is a fact.

Perhaps you are on a short vacation in Tokyo or other big city. Should you purchase a locally made cream? Read on to see what we like about these brands.

A market study by a local company that is researching market and consumer trends, beauty and personal care products which cosmetics is a part of, are among the products that foreigners purchased online and shipped from Japan. This beauty category is in the 5th place!

Reasons to buy Japanese cosmetics

Why should you choose Japanese brands over merchandise from other countries? The answer is yes, in most cases.

Here is why we think that the Japanese cosmetics are something to love:

  • The products are safe as they have been tested to perfection
  • The high quality is a measure of pride as most things in Japan
  • These products are being tested to be precise and you can trust the label
  • You can find any product type from a wide variety
  • The prices are affordable

Do you need more reasons? Then we can add this:

  • Foreign female travelers to Japan, whether from Asia or the rest of the world, purchase cosmetics more than any other products

Famous Japanese beauty brands

Some of the well-known brands are:

  • SHISEIDO - Shiseido is definitely the top brand when it comes to sales
  • KOSE
  • KAO
  • SK-Ⅱ

Top beauty products

Here is a short summary of some of the highest rated and most sought after beauty products. You will notice that most of these have a French or otherwise Western names. That is due to their marketing ideas to present European beauty to the buyers in Japan.

Top face creams

Shiseido Cream

A top of the best Japanese face creams and lotions:

Best overall cream
  1. Cle de Peau Beautelle Serum - one of the most awarded skin care products. It is a new beauty lotion that makes your skin smooth and soft.
  1. Spots Cover Foundation (Base Color) from Shiseido - base foundation that covers bruises, spots, burns, and scars.
Best eye cream
  1. FLOWFUSHI EYE CREAM - this cream took the world by surprise when it was launched on the market in 2016
Best skin moisturizer
  1. Curel from Kao - this awesome moisturizer contains ceramide
Anti-aging care cream
  1. Elixir from Shiseido - advanced anti-aging care and whitening creams
Best most affordable cream
  1. CANMAKE Cream Cheek Blush - it is one of the highest rated yet very affordable at around 600 yen. A top cream bought by students.
Best sun-block cream
  1. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50 - this is the most awesome sun-block cream at a great price.
Best lip cream
  1. DHC medicated lip balm - this lip moisturizer with virgin olive oil is perfect at 700 yen.

Where to buy Japanese beauty products

Cosmetic Powder

Well, if you are in Japan you can buy these creams and lotions here:

  • drugstores - you’ll be amazed that most items can be found at drugstores at great prices
  • cosmetic stores - these stores are a little more high-end and usually can be found inside large shopping malls
  • markets - some of the items can be found even in the markets
  • online - you can buy these creams and other items on the internet, however, don’t use English language website due to their limited inventory

Personal experience

I have purchased several creams and I must say that I was very happy with their quality. And the price was great too. I have used a few sunscreen products from Biore and they were the best so far. They were so smooth and light yet still protecting against the ultraviolets.