Lymphatic Massage リンパマッサージ

About lymphatic massage (リンパマッサージ)

Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic massage is said to be good for a healthy body and a beautiful face. But does it work if you’re doing it on yourself?

Explaining the lymph and the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system or otherwise called lymphoid system is part of your circulatory system and also part of the immune system. This network of tissues and organs help flush down the toxins and waste materials no longer needed in the human body.

The lymph is a fluid that contains white blood cells. The role of these cells is to fight infection. The lymphatic system is a then a network where the lymph fluid flows through the body. There are lymph nodes all over your body and massaging those points will generate health benefits.

What is lymphatic massage?

In certain cases, due to poor physical activity or other health reasons, the lymph fluid does not flow properly and can’t cleanse the toxins well. A lymphatic massage may help.

Lymphatic massage will massage the face, the upper and lower body parts, relaxes the muscles, and drains the lymph nodes from around the ears down to the neck and the collarbone. Here is an article where it is explained how to apply a lymphatic self-massage while at home, or anywhere basically.

This massage is performed to maintain the flow of the lymphatic system going. It removes old waste products that can be harmful to the human body.

How to massage yourself

Do you want to have an adequate massage? First, you must know the causes and the effects.

One of the causes of a poor lymphatic flow is definitely the absence of physical exercise or even the cold weather. A lymphatic massage will raise the body temperature which in turn will stimulate the lymph fluids flow.

Find the lymph nodes and massage them. You should not push with a lot of power but just as appropriate. Try pressing the nodes in a convenient manner. You may need a lymphatic map to know where they are located. Generally, most lymph nodes are located in armpits, near the clavicle (collarbone), under the chin, and in the body base.

Lymphatic Massage Literature

Here are some reading materials should you need to learn more about lymphoid massage. These are well-documented articles and they will surely help you understand how this part of the body works. And how to achieve good health.

Other types of Japanese massage techniques

Wood Massage Tools

A massage is a combination of pressure applied to the skin in different forms. It can be any variant of kneading, tapping, applying pressure and pulling. Probably the most famous Japanese pressure technique is Shiatsu. Shiatsu has its base on the traditional Chinese medicine. The Shiatsu rubdown is not so much about pulling or kneading but instead the therapist is using fingers, palms, thumbs and even feet to apply pressure.

The benefits of a good massage

The benefits are multiple. We just to understand that our bodies must not be rigid. We need physical exercise in order to stay health. The modern world makes us sedentary and that is a great danger.

Here is a list of benefits of body pressure and kneading:

Slimming effect

It can help with slimming down your face and body. That is an effect of pushing down those toxins and waste materials stuck in certain parts of your body. Hence most parts of your body will receive these slimming benefits; not only your face, but your waist and legs will feel the change.

Toxins elimination

It is no secret that our eating habits plays one of the most important roles in our health. Food products are not always of high quality and they may affect us in a negative way. Our body can get rid of these toxins and waste materials but we can make the process faster when the lymph flows freely. We can help with toxins elimination with a vigorous massage.


Your body and mind will feel more relaxed. The tensions that live constantly inside you will ease.

Improved health

Your health will feel the improvement after a few sessions. With the immune cells flowing better, the body will reap the benefits. During the winter especially, these techniques will make your body warmer and promote the free flow of energy.

Lymphatic Massage Videos

  1. A video about the lymph is and how it flows inside our body.
  1. A video with easy exercises that any person can do to improve the lymph flow. You can practice these exercises anywhere at home or at the gym.
  1. Another video that explains in detail about this type of massage. The presenter is a certified professional at the Oriental Release.

Japanese Massage Blogs

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