Offers found on Japanese Blogs

New offers and deals on Japanese blogs

A list with new offers, deals, discounts and other ways to save money. You do know that large, and small, companies maintain a blog as a way of introducing new offers. This is basically a marketing idea that tries to bring the company closer to its customers. We visit those blogs and we list these new offers here. At times, these offers may seem obvious but many times are not easy to find - they become something such as a public secret. Why that is? Obviously, the companies want to attract customers with special deals but don’t want to give huge discounts to everybody. Hence, you have to be among the first people that get the information!

Below is a list with the latest offers from all domains of activity and all industries.

Restaurants and Food Offers

Some of the most sought after deals are, of course, in the food industry. People have to eat everyday and would like variety and quality.

Here is one of the manzoku deal which is Seafood Meal Discount in Tokyo.