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Were you one the new kids on the block playing with FX trading? This was just a few years ago. And actually this is also applies to today’s world. But now Crypto is the new cool. Due to the new Blockchain technology there are new ways to make online transactions. And this technology applies not only to cryptocurrency but also to virtually any type of transaction. A blockchain will store all the transaction on a large set of computers, which will in turn make these records immutable.

Find out here what the BlockChain technology is. The article is in the Japanese language. If you prefer an English explanation of the BlockChain paradigm, read this easy-to-understand beginners guide HERE.

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Japanese FX Blogs

Forex Trading Chart Imagine de PIX1861 at Pixabay

FX (Forex Currency Trading) was and is a popular trading platform for investors. In FX you are buying and selling real currencies. Unlike cryptocurrency, FX involves trading currencies issued by sovereign states. An investor could be buying US Dollar (USD $) and selling Japanese Yen (JPY ¥) at the same time.

List of Japanese Forex Trading Tools

  • FX Market information and top exchange currencies at Rakuten. You can find the latest trading charts for USD/JPY, Euro/JPY, AUD/JPY, GBP/JPY, HKD/JPY, and other foreign currencies vs the Japanese Yen.

  • Here is a full FX Forex guide from iFinance.ne.jp that explains all the technical terms. It may take a while to understand Derivatives and Bond Investments but you can always start with the basics.

  • FX news from ZAI FX tells you how the Japanese Yen is doing against the US Dollar, the Euro, and the British Pound. This is brought to you daily.