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The Japanese people are avid travelers.

Are you still traveling amid the pandemic or staying at home? I am certain that most people still take trips to the countryside in Japan. Or they even travel internationally. Do you want to know which countries do still allow travelers?

Traveling inside Japan

Japan is a whole universe. Even with the current epidemiological situation, one could travel inside Japan for many years. Perhaps even for a lifetime. And we never get bored exploring the Japanese places. Why is that? My personal answer to this question is that people in Japan have a passion for a job well done. Almost everything in this country is made with pride and made to last. Such that it is a pleasure using Japanese products, riding in Japanese trains, staying at Japanese hotels and ryokans, and even eating food in Japanese restaurants while traveling around the country.

By the way, here is a list with top ryokan hotels in Japan.

Traveling overseas from Japan

Where can you go? The world is at your feet. We know that there are travel restrictions but the Japanese passport is still one of the best in the world. You might have some trouble finding direct flights to certain destinations. Other issues that travelers encounter are high air fares, virus testing procedures, and quarantine in certain countries. With all these difficulties it is possible to travel overseas.

Countries that allow travel in 2021

In 2021, gathering intelligence seems one of the most important parts of the traveling plans. As a tourist traveler, you must find out which places are open for tourism. The situation is very fluid and there is a risk of travel restrictions being imposed at a very short notice. That is what makes traveling a hassle. But we are adventurers. We must prevail. That beach in Kupang is waiting for us!

IMPORTANT! Please keep in mind that lots of countries accept travelers of various nationalities. However, one of the major issues is returning to your home country. You may be asked to take a virus test or even quarantine.

The countries below allow tourists arriving from Japan without restrictions, with minimum restrictions, without testing, or without quarantine. Please always check with the embassies, consulates, or the border police of a country you’re planning to visit.

This list is not complete. We just wanted to show that there are places in the world where tourists still can travel to. This is a sample list containing only a few countries, valid on this date: January 21, 2021.

  1. Mexico. Probably the most tourism liberal country in the world in 2020 and 2021, Mexico allows tourists from all over the world to enter. There is no virus RT-PCR or antigen testing required and there is no quarantine.

  2. Dominican Republic. Fancy a dream beach with fine sands? This Caribbean country that does not require testing and does not impose quarantine on visitors.

  3. Costa Rica. In the same part of the world, Costa Rica welcomes you and it does not impose any travel restrictions.

  4. Montenegro. Do you prefer traveling to Europe instead? A few countries there, including Montenegro, allow visitors without testing or quarantine.

  5. Albania. Another European country that does not barr tourists in Albania. There is no testing required and you don’t have to spend time in quarantine. Just make sure you don’t fly through the UK, as there are certain restrictions from passengers arriving from this location.

List of Japanese Travel Blogs

Progreso Beach in Yucatan Mexico

We trust the word-of-mouth more than any other source of news. That’s what blogs were intended to be - a way for an individual to express his/her experiences. We are inclined to believe a blogger saying that a hotel room was noisy. Versus the hotel or travel agencies marketing methods. We have learn to be aware of the sales pitches.

Travelogue list

Compiling a huge list of Japanese travel blogs is not realistic. We will instead try to add those blog posts present in the news. As they can keep us updated with the new paradigms.

  • One of the leading travelogues in Japan is the TRAVELKO Blog. Among the latests are the posts about Shanghai, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Malacca in Malaysia.

  • Would you like to know how the life of a Japanese student is? This is a Student’s Food and Travel Blog. It is presented by Blogmura which is another resource for bloggers. Register your blog on Blogmura and you can rank higher, hence receiving more visitors.

  • Find some of the travel secrets with Dr Shinto on his personal website. The latest is post is on the Yoshitsune Shrine Reverence Society.

  • Life and foods in Korea is a blog that you may want to read. There are many Korean food recipes, of course. That should raise your interest.

  • How about adult life in Hawaii? Risa’s Hawaii Blog shows you how to live and what to do on these tropical islands.

Japanese Travel Vlogs

You have surely heard of the term “vlog” which, basically, is video blogging . If you have not heard of “vlogging” you, nevertheless, must have watched people talking on a video blog. Vlogging is not only about travel but it can be about any imaginable subjects. Some of the most popular vlogs do not focus on the any specific topics. You could say that the “slice-of-life” and “everyday-life” types of vlogs are ranking high in the vlog top. You can learn more about travel vlogging on this website.

Here are some examples of vlogs and travel vlogs:

  1. Loving Okinawa islands? Here is a video about a hotel with the pool in Okinawa.

2. Have you been to Enoshima yet? Shoko Nagakawa made a video to show you what to do in Enoshima, on a cloudy day though.

3. Yuuki went to Kyoto and we have it on the video. What did she do there? Well, it was eating and drinking, more drinking, and a Kyoto cafe tour. You’ll probably like this vlog.